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Whey and Oats

All Natural Oats and Whey Isolate

Great for high protein diets!

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Product Description

The whey protein in this product is our all natural whey protein isolate that originates from Wisconsin Dairy.  It is made in the United States and is cold processed to prevent denaturing the protein.  Our oats are whole oats like you would find in oatmeal that have been ground into a fine powder. The oats originate from Canada. This product is available in flavors as well as unflavored. Our flavors are all natural as well as our sweeteners.  For sweeteners, we use 1 gram of pure cane sugar and about 55mg of stevia reb A 97; a very high end stevia.

TIPS ON TAKING OUR FLAVORED OATS AND WHEY:      Each serving consists of 2 level scoops and is formulated for eight ounces of milk or water.  As with all of our products, because we do not use thickening agents, this product will taste better in milk or a milk substitute.  Take one to two servings per day in place of a normal meal.  You might want to supplement each servingl with a good fiber, like psyllium husk fiber to sustain a longer time of feeling full.  To make a more complete meal, try adding one teaspoon of our psllium fiber and ½ scoop of our MCT powder to each serving.

SERVING SUGGESTION:   One serving consists of 2 level scoops mixed with 8 ounces of milk or milk substitute.  Drink right away after mixing with fluid or keep refrigerated. Many people will vary their actual serving sizes to better meet the needs of their body; for reference, 1 scoop will go into solution in as little as about 3 ounces of milk or water.

Each Serving Contains:
Unflavored Profile
•261 Calories Per Serving
•Over 30 Grams of Protein
•Over 4 grams of fiber
•7.6 grams balanced BCAA!
•Lactose Free

•No Artificial flavors or sweeteners
•Scoop Included
Equivalent to a full bowl of oatmeal plus 28 grams of whey isolate per serving

Flavored Profile
•261 Calories Per Serving
•Nearly 30 Grams of Protein
•Over 4 grams of fiber
•7.1 grams balanced BCAA!
•Lactose Free

•All Natural Flavors and Sweeteners
•Scoop Included
•Equivalent to a full bowl of oatmeal plus 28 grams of whey isolate per serving

Specific Nutritional Facts of Each Flavor:




Amino Acid Profiles:




•Support for improved body composition
•Help to maintain a healthy metabolism
•No additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients
•Great source for complex carbohydrates
•Manufactured in the USA in a FDA licensed and Kosher plant
•Mixes great with water, juice, milk, sport drink and is great for cooking
•Proteins are not denatured
•Lab tested for purity
•2 year shelf life from time of purchase

No Artificial Sweeteners and Virtually Lactose Free: this product does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors of any kind.  Flavor and sweeten as desired.

We guarantee our supplements to be the freshest and purest available:   This supplement contains absolutely NO additives, sweeteners or other fillers or agents that many manufacturers use to dilute their products. Muscle Feast, LLC supplements are manufactured under the strictest HACCP, FDA, and Kosher standards, producing the highest quality and purest supplements available. Our raw ingredients undergo state of the art analysis to ensure zero impurities and strict adherence to product labeling. When it comes to price and quality you can’t beat Muscle Feast.  We guarantee it!

How can our Quality be so high and our prices so low?  We are able to keep our pricing so low because we are a relatively small manufacturer with very low overhead and we sell direct to the public.

Important facts you should know about our supplements:

•Laboratory tested for purity
•Freshly manufactured – not expired or closeout
•Backed by the Muscle Feast 30-day money back guarantee

FREE dosing scoop: Get the exact dosage every time with a free single-dose scoop. Fill to the top, not the line.

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