Stanky Creek 50K/25K

Stanky Creek Trails sign

Stanky Creek Trails sign

The inaugural Stanky Creek 50K/25K is set for Sunday September 14th. Stanky Creek 50K/25K runners will run the same loop. 25K runners will run the loop twice, and 50K runners will run the loop four times. The 50K race will start at 7:00 AM and the 25K race starts at 7:30 AM. These races take place at Nesbit Park, commonly called Stanky Creek by the local Memphis area runners and cyclists, located at 5760 Yale Rd Bartlett, TN 38134.

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Click here to register. Entrant fees: $60 for both race distances.

Race Location/Info

The race takes place at Nesbit Park (ie. Stanky Creek) located at 5760 Yale Rd Bartlett, TN 38134.

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be from 5:00 – 6:00PM Saturday September 13th at the race location at Stanky Creek. Packet pickup will commence on race day at 6:15 AM at Stanky Creek. Use this link to obtain directions to Stanky Creek.


There are about 70 parking spaces in the Stanky Creek parking lot. Additional parking is on the street (Yale Rd) between the curb and the bike line on both sides of the road. Parking is not allowed between the curb and bike lane in areas marked by diagonal white lines which are the areas immediately before and after the Stanky Creek parking lot entrance and around road intersections in the Stanky Creek area. A satellite view of the Stanky Creek parking lot and a portion of Yale Road can be seen here.


Use this link to obtain directions to Stanky Creek or follow the written directions below.

1) If coming from the west, take the Austin Peay exit off of I-240 (exit 8) and head east-northeast towards Millington. Go about one mile. Just past the mall on the right, take a slight right onto Yale Rd. Go about 2 1/2 miles and you will see a whole bunch of trees on the left which is the park.

2) If coming from Millington or from the north on Route 51, take Route 385 to Singleton PKWY and head south about 6-7 miles. Take a left at the light onto Yale Rd. and the park will be about 1 1/2 miles on the left.

3) From I-40 east of town or from south of Memphis, take the Sycamore View Rd. exit (#12) off of  I-40 and take the road north about 3.6 miles (note – the road changes name to Bartlett BLVD at some point). Take a left on Yale Rd. and the park will be on the right in 1/2 mile.


The Memphis Airport (MEM) is 19 miles from Bartlett.


There are a number of hotels clustered around the I-40 Sycamore View Rd exit 3-4 miles south of Stanky Creek. A listing of those hotels can be found at the following link:

Course Info

This is a trail race – two counterclockwise loops of superb single track trail to complete the 25k and four counterclockwise loops to complete the 50K. The trail is almost completely shaded with many twists and turns. There are few rocks on the trail, but there are plenty of roots on the very run-able trail. The race starts at the west side of the parking lot. Runners head east through the parking lot for about 400 feet before entering the trail to follow the well marked course. The finish line is on the east side of the parking lot. The course will be well marked with arrow signs, ribbons and flour markings.

The course loop utilizes part of the white trail, part of the fire-road/outhouse loop, an additional portion of the white trail, the yellow loop, and the blue loop. Note that there is a short out-and-back section on the fire road. This out-and-back section is needed to make the course loop the correct 12.5km distance. This out-and-back on the fire road is the only portion of the loop in which runners run both ways on a section of trail.


If you would like to be a race volunteer please contact Mike at Volunteers earn free race entries for themselves (or to donate to a friend/relative) in any Altis Endurance race and/or donations to a favorite charity/non-profit organization.


All race finishers will receive the finisher award pictured above. There are no age group awards or first finisher awards. Thanks to Steel Images for manufacturing the awards.


The Stanky Creek 50K/25K supports the American Discovery Trail Society. Ten dollars of each entry fee will go to the American Discovery Trail Society. If you would like to learn more about the America Discovery Trail please visit the Discovery Trail website at


Historical average high and low temperatures in Bartlett, TN on September 14th are 86 and 63 degrees.


The results link will be posted here.

Aid Stations

Aid stations for the 25K are located at 1.4 (water only), 3.9, 6.1, 7.8, 9.2 (water only), 11.7, and 14.0

Aid stations for the 50K are located at 1.4 (water only), 3.9, 6.1, 7.8, 9.2 (water only), 11.7, 14.0, 15.6, 17.0 (water only), 19.5, 21.7, 23.3, 24.7 (water only), 27.2, and 29.4

The usual race food will be provided at the aid stations, ie. cookies, chips, water, and Gatorade.  It is recommended that runners bring their own energy gels, electrolytes, and water bottle to the race as needed.


Runners have nine hours to complete the 50K and eight and a half hours to complete the 25K. 25K runners must complete their first trail loop by the four hour mark in order to continue to the finish. 50K runners must complete their third trail loop by the seven hour mark in order to continue to the finish.


The race shirt will be a cotton American Discovery Trail shirt. Runners who enter after August 24th aren’t guaranteed a shirt, but a large number of American Discovery Trail shirts have been ordered for the race and it is fully anticipated that all entrants – including race day entrants – will receive a shirt.


As is the case with most races, there will be no refunds of entry fees to entrants. Runners can transfer from the 50K to the 25K  or the 25K to the 50K up until the race start. Transfers of race bibs from one runner to another is also not allowed. There will not be a waiting list for this event. There is no camping at Stanky Creek, and there are no campgrounds near the park. This race is limited to 200 runners.


If you have any questions please contact Mike at